Our ULTRA experience – 2nd time

This year we attended Ultra Singapore for the second time with a bigger squad (11 pax) and big thanks to Republic Club Vietnam for sponsoring our tickets. It was an epic experience to be sponsored to party but whilst capturing our experience at Ultra Singapore 2017 to drive brand awareness for both Republic Club and Coco Envy.

Overall the organization for ticket collection, entry, bag checking was a lot smoother than 2016.

There seem to be added effort for activities to create the experience but still lacked festival ambient. Music / DJ selection was not as good as 2016. I think the high light of the 2 days would have to be Sidney Samson presenting Deadly Zoo (Amsterdam based) on the live stage. The DJs on the main stage was not as impressive as last year. We were really looking forward to seeing Don Diablo but apparently UMF denied him to play due to being late.  Tiesto was overrated and Steve Angelo into was way too long.

It was disappointing to see the Mercedes exclusive area right in front of the main stage which really did not give it a festival feel and barricaded the capacity view.

Overall we had a awesome experience due to the DMF squad! #GDKC

Cherries on delivery in Vietnam


It’s not even Christmas and I just had cherries delivered to my door in June. . 1kg of cherries delivered only VND600,000 (US$26) and they are fresh and sweet, just the way I like it!

Did you know…benefits of eating cherries;

  • Antioxidant Protection. Cherries contain powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin. …
  • Cancer-Preventive Compounds. …
  • Reduce Inflammation and Your Risk of Gout. …
  • Support Healthy Sleep (Melatonin) …
  • Arthritis Pain Relief. …
  • Reduce Belly Fat. …
  • Reduce Post-Exercise Muscle Pain. …
  • Lower Risk of Stroke.

I will be sharing these with my Grandma (Ba Noi) who is 101years old. All alone with a kilo of cherries as Khiem is away attending the burial rituals of his Grandma (Ba Noi passed away at the age 99yo) #RIPLucia

If you are living in Vietnam and feel like something sweet and healthy then contact Trang on FB https://www.facebook.com/mai.dang.50309


Our first blog post


So the count down has began for our new series of adventures to another country and to be reunited with our monkeys.

On the way we will stop over in Singapore for a “see you again” send off with friends whom have become family, from all over the world uniting for the love of music. This will be our 2nd time in a row attending Ultra Music Festival.

We got our Yeezy style LED shoes, bags ready and packed, catching up with friends…and waiting!

Stay tuned for our blog/vlogs coming soon!

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