Good morning Friday

Well we woke up to our usual routine of breakfast for Khiem to get him out of the door for work then me heading back to bed soon….well after this quick reflection!

Working from home has its ups and downs but also more challenging when your an entrepreneur juggling multiple projects in hope you will land one. The key is to stay positive and things do happen if your persistent and consistent.

I have recently gained interest in skincare products and the magnitude of brands out there which I have sifted through and finally I have selected 3 companies. So why makeup and skincare?  After reviewing all the online business opportunities from affiliated websites, jewelry, health and fitness products I had decided that skincare was my best choice as my target is everyone with skin! 

Initially a bit of embarrassed cause the first thing people think is “oh another MLM program” …yes true but the processes are in place and network for support is massive. It’s not a get rich scheme, it requires you to really dig down and pull out all your contacts, start to build relationship, understand and personally endorse your products and get social to spread the news. Also I have found it a great way to hone up on your sales skills. There is no freebies in this world and require a minimum commitment and then it’s your choice to purchase to trial or just get out there and sell.

Another thing which I have signed up is affiliated marketing, where there is potential to earn $$$ by pushing out specials via my blog or social media. I will update later on my progress but can see how it’s a potential.

So if you have gotten this far in my blog post, please take the time to check out the products or service which I represent!
SOCIAL VA – This service is available to all clients worldwide

NU SKIN – Available worldwide and will be shipped direct from Nu Skin in your local market.

SEACRET – Only officially open in South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India, Thailand, Japan and Israel. But for my Vietnamese friends we do have stock in country as we plan to penetrate the market before it opens

Rodan+Field – (This will not be available until late September when R+F launches officially in Australia)

So friends and family, please help support my mission to develop these brands and ordering through us! Or refer your friends and family. 


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