What’s your hendonic consumption? 

So outside our basic living (utilitarian) consumption what is your hendonic consumption?

Hedonic consumption is defined as the multisensory, fantasy, and emotional aspects of consumers’ interactions with products. It involves use of a product to fulfill fantasies and satisfy emotions. Level of satisfaction cannot be determined in the same orderly manner in hedonic as in utilitarian consumption.Dec 1, 2013 – Hedonic Consumption by Kathryn Babb

Hendonic consumption is the products or experience which you consume after all basic living is covered…So for me the past two months has been to find that online business which will make residual income. I’ve read, researched, paid money, cancelled and finally I think I have come close to a decision and narrowed it down to 4.

I started this journey at the beginning of August and below what Ihave decided to put my focus into:

  1. -Blogging, going back to my roots and writing about my well our experience and linking it to affiliated marketing www.our-thang.com Cost of WordPress basic account and domain name
  2. Seacret – high end skin care brand which we both use and love. $70 registration and min $100 (35 PSV) to activate online account www.seacretdirect.com/tanyajohnston
  3. Nu Skin – medium range products which we have added the regime of AP24 whitening tooth paste and Epoch blemish treatment, which we have had great results www.hustlebaby.nsproducts.com No joining fee but if you like a dedicated website to drive traffic it’s $14.95 per month and minimum of 100 PSV per month.
  4. Rodan+Fields – high end product which I wanted to be part of the market launch which will be launched in September 14, 2017.  https://www.rodanandfields.com.au/P25155 Which I am still to confirm as it requires min. $62 portfolio registration and/or kit purchase $470-$1100 plus $22.95 per month for your personalized online site.

So far the only return I have seen is through my blogging / affiliate marketing with an income from 4 sales of $64.

So comment below and share with us your hendonic consumer behavior!

Another day another hustle…Happy Tuesday.

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