If you’re looking for some entertainment for the kids this upcoming school holiday, make sure you check out the Summer Challenge Show with their first show at South bank Piazza on 13-14 January 2018, brought to you by Kids Who Know Foundation and hosted by their 4 mascots.


We invite you to join us for a fun, action packed and raucous experience that will have you and your family laughing, cheering, singing along and out of your seats.

No matter if you are Mum, Dad, Nan, Pop or Aunty Becky, you’ll be enjoying the show as much as the kids.

You might even enjoy volunteering to get on stage and participate in one of our Summer Challenges along with our 2 friendly hosts and 4 mascots Zack, Zanzi, Zi and Flash.

The Summer Challenge encourages huge amounts of audience participation be it from your seat dancing or on stage with our mascots as a participant in one of our entertaining challenges.

Showing at the South Bank Piazza on the weekend of January 13 and 14, let the Summer Challenge be the cherry on top of a special day out with the family.
Be sure to visit the South Bank markets or perhaps take a dip at the beautiful South Bank beach overlooking the Brisbane River and choose to begin or end your family day out with us at the Summer Challenge.

A stage show like no other! A fresh, innovative show that will entertain and surprise you. Action packed, exciting and filled with laughter. It will have you out of your seats, cheering and stamping your feet!

Join your family, join your team and make a family memory that will last a lifetime!

The Family Time Summer Challenge promises to be the highlight in holiday entertainment for the whole family this season.


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