Time flies!

It’s now 27th March 2018, nearly the end of Quarter 1 and we are still not back into the groove of things. We have had an influx of visitors, kids holidays, travels and road trips since mid-December. I am now just sitting down to write our first blog for 2018.

Does time just go faster as we get older? Next, it will be Christmas all again. So what’s been going on for us? Well really not that much, just a lot of guests which is why I guess time just seems to fly.

In September, we started our business with Rodan+Fields and things have been steady with a growing number of orders and new customers. Our skin is feeling great, smooth and I (Tanya) love the fact that I don’t have to wear foundation.

We had the kids stay with us for 6 weeks over the Christmas holidays and had day trip to Adventure world, Perth zoo, a lot of swimming and just a lot of fun! Following we had Khiem’s mum, eldest brother and youngest sister visit from Holland and Vietnam and the highlight was the trip to Rottnest Island…Wow the Quokkas are so cute! Then my parents visit my 102yo grandma in Vietnam and returned with two aunties, one from France and the other from the USA.

We are looking forward to Khiem’s first trip to the East Coast of Australia. We have to visit Sydney as the only way for him to renew his passport is to submit in person due to Embassy regulations.

That’s a wrap for Q1 2018 and I plan to start posting more regularly!

Here are some photos of our adventures.


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