Dutch passport renewal in Australia

I have always had an infinite love for big cities and beaches, being brought up in Newcastle / Sydney, worked in Shanghai, then I move to Ho Chi Minh City for 10 years and now living in Perth.

We recently went to Sydney to renew Khiem’s Dutch passport. It was a quick 4 day/3night trip and also Khiem’s first time. This brought back all the memories of my love of the hustle and bustle of city living within arms reach of the beach.

Dutch passport renewal in Australia requires submissions in person at the Dutch Consulate. You will need to make a booking online, have 1 passport photo but they will send you downstairs to get it done at DigiDirect on level 1 if it does not meet the requirements…which we had to do. You can also purchase the Australia Post envelope through the Dutch Consulate, so no need to buy in advance. They will keep the passport until the new one arrives and will send it to your nominated address you write on the envelope.

Budget to renew Dutch passport in Australia

  • Flight Sydney
  • Accommodation (Recommend Breakfree on George)
  • DigiDirect passport photo $20
  • Passport renewal $210
  • Return envelope $8

So for a couple living in Perth, we had to make an expensive trip to Sydney just to submit the application form.

30443107_226264364782538_2055081622809608192_oThe studio room with a small kitchen was modern, clean and great for smokers (make sure you request a room with a balcony when you book online. To get the best rate available click here





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