Dutch passport renewal in Australia

I have always had an infinite love for big cities and beaches, being brought up in Newcastle / Sydney, worked in Shanghai, then I move to Ho Chi Minh City for 10 years and now living in Perth. We recently went to Sydney to renew Khiem's Dutch passport. It was a quick 4 day/3night trip … Continue reading Dutch passport renewal in Australia

Must see in SYDNEY

So if you are planning a quick trip to Sydney, then here is the list of things we would recommend following our recent 4 day / 3 night trip; Accommodation Meriton Suites on Kent Street - ~$350 p/n, 4 star, modern 2 brm apartment, indoor swimming pool, gym, right in the center of the city. … Continue reading Must see in SYDNEY

Looking for competitive rates in Accommodation​

Recently we joined TRVL and set up our own website https://ourthang.trvl.com If you are used to making your bookings on booking.com or any booking sites, then you must check the above link as we can provide competitive rates across all platforms. We have extensive travel experience around Asia and would like to help you book your … Continue reading Looking for competitive rates in Accommodation​

Another Albany Hwy accident

Yesterday we took my daughter back to Albany a 5hr drive and returned on the same day. During our trip down to Albany, we would have seen about 2-3k cars on the road returning from their long weekend holiday. Between the cars were a Harley group which were quite aggressive in their riding style. Riding … Continue reading Another Albany Hwy accident

Time flies!

It's now 27th March 2018, nearly the end of Quarter 1 and we are still not back into the groove of things. We have had an influx of visitors, kids holidays, travels and road trips since mid-December. I am now just sitting down to write our first blog for 2018. Does time just go faster … Continue reading Time flies!

Spring is not so springy down under

Today was the 1st day of spring in Perth but the chill was as cold as mid winter. During the day it was blue skies as captured by Sky News... 14 degrees but you can feel the chill down to your bone. To us, it was like when we just arrived end of June...Looking forward … Continue reading Spring is not so springy down under